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Have You Met Our Feel-good Flower Subscriptions?

Immerse in the delight of seasonal blooms, hand-packed and delivered to your doorstep as often as you like

How Does It Work?

Kickstart Your Floral Journey

Whether for yourself or someone else, our fuss-free flower subscriptions are easy to use – just choose your size, recipient, and delivery frequency

From Nature to Your Nook

Our florists are flower whisperers, choosing only the top-tier blooms to craft stunning arrangements that journey directly from our hands to your space.

Experience a Long-Lasting Show

Delivered as budding celebrities, they're poised to unfold their beauty and charm, promising a long-lasting spectacle

Flexibility At Its Finest

Adjust your deliveries to sync with life's rhythm. Cancel, pause, or change delivery frequencies whenever you want. It's your floral show, and you're the director!


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10-16 Stems

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30-45 Stems

Why Opt-In for The HOF Subscription?

Our Best Deal

You pay up to 30% less and get free shipping on every order

Effortless Gifting

Fresh flowers are perfect for every occasion, so why not share the joy they bring?


Skip, cancel, or pause your subscription any time after your first order

The Best Blooms

We’ll surprise you with a bouquet made with an on-trend selection of the freshest flowers

Your Floral Haven Awaits: We Curate, You Cherish

We’re like flower detectives, sleuthing out the perfect blossoms at the peak of their bloom – we ensure you receive our stunning stems precisely when they’re at their freshest and most vibrant. It’s almost as if these flowers give us a nudge, saying, ‘Hey, we’re ready to make someone’s day!

Flower Subscription FAQ

The questions below might just have the answer you’re looking for!

Think of our subscription as your personal flower fairy! It’s the most convenient way to have farm-fresh blooms knock on your door on your terms. It’s also a real bargain, offering up to 30% savings plus free shipping (how cool is that?). And the best part? It’s flexible! Mix up recipients and delivery dates or take a flower break anytime you need one. And did we mention the FREE shipping?

Our subscriptions let you choose how often you want a dose of blooming magic – weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Pay as you go or all at once, whatever floats your boat. Just pick your ideal floral frequency and we’ll take care of the rest!

While you can’t specifically choose your bouquet, we promise to select the absolute freshest, trendiest options for your delivery date. Depending on your plan, you’re guaranteed to receive a bouquet worth 10%-30% more than your subscription cost. Some bouquets may encore for subscriptions with more than six deliveries, because who doesn’t love a repeat performance?

Absolutely! Simply log into your account and take a flower break whenever you want. Just let us know when you’re ready to restart the bloom boom.

You sure can! Just log into your account and update your delivery address under the account management dashboard. Our flowers love to travel!

For ongoing plans, we’ll bill you based on your selected delivery schedule (either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). If you go for a Prepaid plan, we’ll charge you for all deliveries upfront when you place your subscription order.

Yes, it is! Our blooms hitch a ride to you without any shipping charges on subscription orders. Free ride, yay!

To upgrade, just drop a line to care@houseofflowers.ae with the email you used to set up the original subscription. We’ll cancel it for you. Then, you can hop on to www.houseofflowers.ae/subscriptions to purchase your new, fancy plan!

Easy peasy! Once you have an account, you can reschedule deliveries, change addresses, update payment info, and more from your dashboard.

We’re all about consistency! So, if your first bouquet is delivered on a Thursday and you’ve chosen a bi-weekly plan, your next floral surprise will arrive exactly two weeks later, on a Thursday. Blooming on schedule!

Experience Excellence in Every Bloom!

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