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Blushing Pink Breeze

Embrace the delicate beauty of Blushing Pink Botanical Breeze, an enchanting artificial flower arrangement that infuses your space with a soft, romantic allure. Evoking the rustic charm of a tranquil landscape, this exquisite bouquet adorns your home with a touch of natural elegance. Each element has been thoughtfully curated, celebrating the everlasting allure of dried flowers. Let the Blushing Pink Breeze whisk you away to a haven of timeless beauty, where the soft whispers of nature paint your surroundings in blush-toned splendor.

AED 225.00

Whimsical Wildscape

Evoking the rustic charm of a wild landscape, this exquisite ensemble adorns your space with a touch of untamed elegance. Each element has been thoughtfully curated to create a harmonious symphony of textures and colors, celebrating the everlasting allure of dried flowers. Let this bouquet spark joy and enchantment in your home, infusing your surroundings with the whimsy and sophistication of the untamed wilderness.

AED 195.00

Wild Meadow

Evoking the rustic charm of a wild meadow, this captivating ensemble adorns your space with a touch of untamed elegance. Each element has been thoughtfully curated to create a harmonious symphony of textures and colors, celebrating the everlasting allure of dried flowers.

AED 275.00

Mystic Moss Orchid

Captivated by its lifelike allure, an orchid blooms gracefully in a grey square flower pot, playfully accentuated with hints of golden splendor. The lush bed of moss weaves a whimsical embrace, creating a captivating masterpiece that celebrates the artistry of mother nature. Surrender to the charm of this botanical wonderland and embark on a magical journey through elegance and enchantment.

AED 195.00

Midnight Enchantment Orchid

Embrace the timeless beauty of the orchid, embraced by the darkness of the night with Midnight Enchantment Orchid. Nestled in a sleek black pot, this lifelike orchid captivates with its enigmatic allure. As you venture closer, the bed of black pebbles beneath whispers tales of intrigue, adding an alluring touch to this peice. Elevate your space with this stunning masterpiece, as it brings a touch of realism and a splash of fun to your decor.

AED 225.00

Lucky Bamboo Cascade

Five lucky bamboos find their home in separate small glass pots, elegantly suspended with ropes on a rustic wooden frame. This living masterpiece brings tranquility and good fortune to your surroundings, embracing the serenity of nature's simplicity. Let Framed Lucky Bamboo Harmony be a symbol of prosperity and well-being, reminding you of the boundless joy that nature graciously shares with us.

AED 165.00

Golden Regal Orchid

Unveil the Golden Regal Orchid arrangement, a captivating arrangement that brings the allure of fresh flowers without the upkeep. Resting in a stylish gold vase, this lifelike creation infuses your space with beauty and splendor, making it a show-stopping focal point for any interior.

AED 599.00

Secret Garden Glass

Add a burst of fun colors and a touch of whimsy to your space with the Secret Garden Glass Bowl, an easy-to-care-for plant arrangement meticulously designed with a unique flair. This living art piece promises to elevate your interior with vibrant foliage resting on a bed of stones & soil. With its playful and thoughtfully crafted designs, it is the perfect choice to brighten up any room and add a touch of natural magic that will never go unnoticed.

AED 245.00

Clouds of Gypsophila

Embrace the Clouds of Gypsophila, where delicate blooms elevate any space with pure elegance and charm. This enchanting arrangement infuses your surroundings with a dreamy allure, creating a whimsical oasis that enhances the aesthetics of your home or event. Delight in the tender emotions and ethereal beauty of Clouds of Gypsophila as they grace your space with a touch of pure enchantment.

AED 125.00

Tapered Elegance Ceramic

Introducing our Tapered Elegance Ceramic Plant Vases, a perfect blend of modern sophistication and botanical charm. With a broad base and a sleek, tapered opening, these vases add a touch of contemporary allure to your green sanctuary. Embrace the pure white elegance and let your plants thrive in the embrace of these stylish vases, creating a refined and chic display. Elevate your indoor oasis with the Tapered Elegance Ceramic Plant Vases, where modern design and botanical beauty unite in perfect harmony.

AED 99.00AED 225.00

Pearl Stardust Planter

Behold the Pearl Stardust Planter, a ceramic wonder that sparkles like stardust in the moonlight! With a luminous pearl white hue and an enchanting iridescent glow, this planter is straight out of a fairy tale. Watch your greens bask in its celestial radiance, as if they are dancing under the stars.

AED 29.00

Silver Gleam Ceramic

AED 19.00AED 35.00

Silver Gleam Ceramic

Elevate your green haven with the Silver Gleam Ceramic Vase, a shimmering metallic marvel perfect for a contemporary aesthetic. This sleek and sophisticated vase adds modern elegance, letting your plants bask in the captivating silver glow. Embrace the lustrous allure and transform your space into a botanical wonderland that shines with contemporary grace!

AED 19.00AED 35.00

Goldrush Ceramic Vase

Unveil the Goldrush Planter, where botanical beauty strikes gold! With a touch of dazzling gold, this planter turns your green space into a treasure trove of lush beauty. Watch your plants embark on a golden adventure, as they soak up the glimmer and shine. Gift the Goldrush Planter to someone dear, and let their space radiate with opulent charm, where the allure of gold and the joy of greenery unite in a gleeful dance!

AED 12.00AED 35.00

Ethereal Crystal Vase

Introducing our Ethereal Crystal Vase, a mesmerizing fusion of glass artistry and botanical charm. Like a captivating crystal sculpture, this planter showcases nature's beauty in a prism of brilliance. Crafted with precision and grace, it creates a magical stage for your favorite greens, offering a seamless blend of modernity and sophistication.

AED 145.00

Succulent Fusion

It's a Succulent Fusion, where the desert's finest unite for a wild party! The lively dance of vibrant colors and shapes creates a lively succulent celebration that's sure to groove and sway. Gift this fun-filled succulent ensemble and let the party begin, as the desert's charm and flair add a playful twist to any space, spreading joy and smiles all around!

AED 125.00

Vibrant Rhapsody

Step into the Vibrant Rhapsody, where vivid blooms and rich tones compose a melodious masterpiece. Let the lively arrangement sweep you off your feet, like a passionate dance of colors and emotions.

AED 195.00

Chrysanthemum Medley

Unleash the Chrysanthemum Medley, where an array of vibrant hues comes together in perfect harmony. Celebrate the kaleidoscope of chrysanthemums, each bloom dancing to its own delightful tune. With every petal, this bouquet unveils a lively symphony of colors, inviting you to immerse yourself in nature's vivacious allure.

AED 195.00

Golden Harvest

Embrace the Golden Harvest bouquet, a tapestry of warm hues and abundant charm. This bouquet celebrates the richness of nature's bounty, where golden rays and vibrant blooms unite in a perfect symphony. Indulge in the spirit of the harvest and delight in the earthy allure of this radiant arrangement.

AED 225.00

Whispers of Elegance

Embrace the Whispers of Elegance, a graceful duet of enchanting blooms. Delicate and sophisticated, these blossoms beckon with a gentle charm, inviting you to a world of subtle beauty and timeless allure.

AED 225.00

Peachy Citrus Delight

Welcome to the Peachy Citrus Delight, where playful hues and zesty charm mingle. This bouquet exudes a burst of positive energy, like a sip of tangy citrus on a sunny day. Savor the sweetness and let the vibrant blooms whisk you away to a tropical paradise.

AED 225.00

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