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Summer in Bloom: The Story Behind House of Flowers' Seasonal Creations

As the sun shines brighter and the days grow longer, summer graces us with its presence, inspiring new stories, emotions, and of course, floral designs. Welcome to our behind-the-scenes look at the House of Flowers’ Summer Collection.

Each arrangement in this collection is a poetic expression of summer. The brilliant hues, the intoxicating fragrances, and the craftsmanship reflect the season’s vibrant character. Let’s dive deeper into the tales and inspirations behind some of our most cherished summer creations.

Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling of standing in the middle of a sun-drenched field during summer? That’s the exact vibe we wanted to capture with our “Golden Harvest” arrangement. It’s all about those gold and amber tones, reminiscent of lazy summer evenings and golden fields as far as the eye can see. One of our talented florists couldn’t help but share, “Every time I work on ‘Golden Harvest’, it’s like I’m bringing a piece of those sunlit fields right into our shop. Each flower I pick? It’s a little shoutout to those golden moments of summer we all love.”

Peachy Citrus Delight

Summer evokes memories of vibrant citrus fruits and mesmerizing sunsets drenched in shades of peach and orange. This essence is captured perfectly in our “Peachy Citrus Delight” arrangement, which channels the exhilarating sensation of savoring a chilly citrus beverage on a balmy day. One of our dedicated florists shares, “Whenever I craft the ‘Peachy Citrus Delight’, I’m whisked back to those lazy summer days of my youth, delighting in citrus-infused treats in a cool, shaded spot. Our goal with this piece is to seamlessly blend peach, orange, and a hint of lemon-yellow, encapsulating that invigorating summer feel and bringing it straight into your living space.”

Peachy Citrus Delight
Sunlit Serenade

Sunlit Serenade

Ever had one of those summer mornings? You know, the kind where everything seems to glow in this soft, golden light and the world feels peaceful and still? That’s the heart and soul of our “Sunlit Serenade” design. One of our florists put it perfectly: “When I’m piecing together the ‘Sunlit Serenade’, it’s like I’m holding those tranquil moments in my hands. The blend of pastels with those pops of yellow… it’s my way of bottling up that gentle morning sun and the calm it brings with it. It’s all about capturing that pure, quiet beauty of a summer dawn.”

Sunny Sands

You know that indescribable feeling of warmth and contentment you get on a summer day? That’s what we’ve tried to capture with the “Sunny Sands” arrangement. It’s not just about the flowers, but the memories and feelings they evoke. Here’s what one of our florists shared: “When I’m arranging the yellow and peach spray roses in ‘Sunny Sands’, it’s like I’m reliving those sunny beach days. The warm hues remind me of sunlit sand, and every rose is like a ray of sunshine. Even if you can’t head to the beach, with this bouquet, you’ll feel like you’ve got a little piece of summer right with you.”


In Conclusion:

Summer is not just a season; it’s a feeling, an experience. At House of Flowers, we strive to encapsulate these experiences in our floral arrangements, ensuring that with every bouquet you receive, you’re immersed in the stories and emotions of summer. As you explore our summer collection, know that each piece is crafted with passion, precision, and a deep love for nature’s beauty.

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